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Understand what alimony really means

In Pennsylvania, a financially dependent spouse can collect support from a financially independent spouse under certain circumstances. They can also collect monies known as alimony pendent lite if a divorce proceeding is pending. These arrangements can be agreed upon by the parties or determined in court by

a judge.

Alimony is court-ordered support of one spouse by the other after the divorce is finalized. A court will only award alimony in accordance with the reasons set forth in the statute. Alimony pendent lite provides support only during the duration of divorce proceedings and terminates once the divorce is complete.


Pennsylvania Support Guidelines determine the appropriate amount of alimony, which is based on both spouses’ current incomes and earning capacities, and can include provisions concerning health and life insurance, medical bills, standard of living and other considerations. As a rule of thumb, the financially independent spouse would be responsible for paying spousal support to the financially dependent spouse at a rate of forty percent (40%) of the difference between their net incomes if there are no dependent children and thirty percent (30%) of the difference between their net incomes if there are dependent children. Spousal support does not survive the granting of a final decree in divorce.

Know the differences between each type of alimony

In some cases, you can be granted payment for attorney’s fees by your spouse. Consult with our attorneys to determine if this is appropriate for your situation. It is important to understand your financial rights and obligations during divorce. If you would like to know if you are eligible to pay or receive alimony and spousal support, contact us today to consult with one of our attorneys, or view our client testimonials. For more information, see our pages on divorce and division of property.

See if you're eligible for alimony

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