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Obtain a legal international divorce in Pennsylvania

You can obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania even if you got married in another country or your spouse lives outside of the United States. As long as you have been a resident of the state of Pennsylvania for at least 12 months, the Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC can help you to get divorced in any county

in Pennsylvania.

We can serve your spouse in the jurisdiction where they live, including overseas, and secure for you a divorce decree from a Pennsylvania court. You'll be guided every step of the way by a team of experts who are here to work for you. Don't waste time and money doing this alone - come to a team that's ready to represent you in court.

Serve your spouse anywhere

Contact us today if your spouse lives outside of Pennsylvania and you want a divorce. We are also available to help arrange support and alimony, division of property, child custody, and child support in your divorce.

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