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When it comes to your legal battles, you need an experienced team in your corner. You'll find that since 1981, we've provided exceptional representation throughout Montgomery County, as well as internationally. Even the most difficult cases are no problem for our experienced attorneys, as you can see from our satisfied clients.

We were referred to the Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC by a friend of ours who had also been a client and felt that their services were quite well done. Our specific problem involved obtaining a U.S. visa for our foreign-born adopted child which, for a variety of reasons, was not easily obtained. Ms. Ibrahim accepted our case with the stated possibility that success was not assured and that many difficulties needed to be overcome. As each of several difficulties arose during the application for this visa prior to its issuance, Ms. Ibrahim continued to meet each problem with resourcefulness and enthusiasm, which eventually resulted in success. Despite her continued efforts on our behalf over a period of several years, Ms. Ibrahim’s efforts were expended judiciously, using paralegals where possible, and the overall charge presented to us was quite reasonable. In the long run, the results speak much louder than the interim activities and, in this case, the results were nothing less than 100% satisfactory. Ms. Ibrahim continued to pursue our case with tenacity and with an intuitive approach to providing the proper answers to difficult and sometimes ambiguous questions posed.

- From Carl, immigration client

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I can’t recommend and endorse the Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC enough.  I was referred to the firm once I realized I may need honest legal advice regarding my divorce.  Marcia explained in great detail how divorce proceedings are conducted and always kept me informed of any changes in my case.  Marcia and her staff were always extremely gracious and helpful throughout the entire process of my divorce. The firm provided personalized service and advice that was above and beyond and I can’t thank them enough.



Having been single for over 40 years, I never would have guessed there could be any major legal issues to getting married. Now I know otherwise. We took our problems to Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC early this summer (2011) and she immediately laid out our winning game plan. Timing was vital in our case. From our first meeting, the attorney guided us to a successful closed case within 5 months! My wife and I carefully followed every step, consulting with the attorney whenever we had questions, and we won our immigration case a few weeks before Christmas. Ours was a blessed holiday, my wife’s first in America. We are so pleased with the quality of her work that we have Ms. Ibrahim on retainer for a future matter. My wife and I have already recommended this firm to our close friends.

- James


There are not enough words to thank you for your miraculous work in solving my immigration nightmare. Since 2001 you worked very diligently to help me, my husband, and my three children overcome various obstacles, and at the end of this terrible nightmare you succeeded in securing permanent residency for my family. I will never forget all the hard work you displayed when you went to JFK Airport Immigration Center to allow me to enter the United States of America without having to be detained at an immigration prison.

- Amale


We want to THANK YOU for all your help during the immigration process. My wife looks forward to reuniting with her family and see her brother and sister whom she has not seen for 10 years. Working with you was a pleasure. Again, thank you very much.

- Fatima and Cem


This was our first experience with the law firm. We received quality service and the result was spectacular. You worked promptly on our case [and] hence yielded the best results. We were overwhelmed with joy after winning the case. The law firm has proved to be trustworthy.

- Judy and Michael


I got married and moved from Canada to the United States in 2007. I was a Canadian citizen and we thought the process of immigration would be easy and so we didn’t get a lawyer. For 3 years nothing was accomplished [working on our own without an attorney] and I had a hard time returning to the States every time I visited my kids in Canada. In 2010 we went to Marcia and 7 months later I had my Green Card. Marcia Ibrahim knew what she was doing. She was friendly and responsible. I was happy with the result of the case and I would absolutely recommend her.

- Rita


Everyone is always helpful and friendly. Marcia is always available with answers to any questions I have. Her experience and enthusiasm for her career shows every time I meet with her. I’m very glad she is taking care of this case. I’m not worried about the results of this case because...I trust her to continue handling

this case.

- Farideh


I’m so grateful for [your help] representing me at the conference regarding the child custody matter. You help was outstanding; without it, it would be impossible to win the case. I’m very happy with the results.

- Natalia


I am satisfied with the seriousness with which Marcia handled our case. She showed absolute knowledge of the task at hand and committed herself to it 100%. This office performed all tasks in a timely manner. I am absolutely thrilled with the result and would most certainly recommend her to others.

- Asaph


My friend recommended me to this lawyer and she had been recommended to him by another friend who had used her. They both, as well as I, are happy with Marcia Binder Ibrahim’s job. It was an excellent job done and I thank her a lot. This lawyer shows professionalism in her job. My case went through very fast. I will recommend your office to everyone I know.

- Max


The lawyer and her staff definitely knew what they were doing and how to help with our case. This firm was referred to us by friends and they certainly did their job. In our opinion, they led us in the right direction, were there with us every step of the way, and could answer any questions we had and help us Things turned out how we had hoped. The outcome helped me to have freedom and stop struggling. In fact, we have already recommended you to a few friends.

- Freddy

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"We are so pleased with the quality of her work that we have Attorney Ibrahim on retainer for a future matter."

- James

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My experience with this firm has been a blessing and a life-changing experience for me and my sons. After spending over 10 years and employing 3 immigration firms for my immigration matters, I was told my case was hopeless and nothing can be done about my situation. One day, after speaking to a series of people, I was put in touch with an immigration judge who referred me to the Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC. This shows that the firm is highly regarded and is known for their positive results. I am happy that I made the decision to work with this firm. They did not rest until all of the information was gathered, the right people were spoken to, and every available resource and avenue of legal means was investigated.


This firm always made sure I understood everything that was going on and they walked me through every step of the immigration process. Marcia was always extremely honest with me and told me the probability of success for each action taken. This firm worked diligently to get everything done in the shortest amount of time to get my case settled. I can honestly say that this firm was dedicated to my case, and they cared on a personal level about what I was going through and what would happen to me and my family in the future.


I am more than happy with the results of my case. I just knew that when this firmed worked to get my case resolved, I would come out on top. I am very pleased with the work and effort they put into my case. I would definitely recommend this firm to a friend.

- Shyrel


We gave Marcia a very difficult and time-consuming case. My husband had a heart attack while being detained. Marcia was able to fight and keep him out of prison. She filed forms, fought with USCIS, and came with us to appointments. She rushed my citizenship through for me. We are now coming to what we hope is the end of this nonsense and can visit England and come back legally! No matter how difficult our case was, Marcia never gave up. I keep saying that Marcia is like a pit bull that sinks its teeth into something and never gives up - that is how determined she is. We are extremely satisfied with the result of our case. We had a lawyer before Marcia that got paid and did nothing. Thank God for Marcia and Greg. I have already recommended Marcia to my friends and family and will continue to do so. I cannot thank the Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC enough.

- Jackie


I had a very good experience with Marcia. She made my dream come true and got me and my husbands our Green Cards. She also helped my daughter to become a citizen. I am very grateful and thankful for all that you did for my family. You are my God on Earth, Marcia. Thank you again.

- Maria


My experience with the Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC was nothing short of excellent and imbued with professionalism. My immigration issues were very serious and Marcia and her team dealt with them in a very good way. Timing was always perfect. All of her team, as well as herself, were very understanding people and professionals. They were timely, responsive, and accommodating. I would absolutely recommend this firm to others. Marcia and her team helped me finally start to build my future! Whenever I talk to people who have immigration issues Marcia's name always comes up.

- Ivan

From the beginning it was a pleasure working with Marcia. I never had any doubts that she could deliver what she promised, and that was my wonderful wife from Ecuador.

- David

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