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Client Testimonials Continued....

Two years ago, when faced with deportation based on my criminal record from 8 years ago my first lawyer’s second sentence to me was “you should volunteer to leave the country if we lose.” Obviously I fired her and got myself out of detention. Then I made the best decision of my life and hired the Law Office of Marcia Binder Ibrahim, LLC. In our very first conversation she told me “I don’t like to lose.” It took a year and some very real skills on the part of Marcia and her firm. USCIS was gunning for me and my criminal record made my case tough, but Marcia was right. We did not lose!


Then I retained her firm to help me through getting my citizenship. After the whole possible deportation experience I knew it would be futile to try on my own. Again, not an easy case. Greg helped me and my family through what to expect and went with me to the interview. The interviewer was rough on me. But again, we won! On June 1st I became a proud citizen of the USA.


They say in life you get what you pay for. Hiring Marcia and her firm was worth every penny spent.

- Daniel